Rights and licences

Open-access journals

Our open-access journals "Swiss Medical Weekly", "Swiss Medical Forum", "Primary and Hospital Care", "Cardiovascular Medicine" Swiss Archives of Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy" und "Swiss Medical Informatics" are published under the Creative Commons license "Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) ".

You may reproduce and redistribute material from these journals under the following conditions:

Attribution - You must provide appropriate copyright and other proprietary notices, include a link to the license, and indicate whether any changes have been made. This information may be provided in any reasonable manner, but not in such a way as to create the impression that the licensor is specifically endorsing you or your use.

Non Commercial - You may not use the material for commercial purposes.

No Derivatives - If you remix, modify, or directly build upon the material in any way, you may not distribute the edited version of the material.

The "Schweizerische Ärztezeitung" is currently an open access publication. Until revoked, the Swiss Medical Association (FMH) therefore authorizes Swiss Medical Publishers Ltd. (EMH) to grant all users, on the basis of the Creative Commons license "Attribution - No commercial use - No modification 4.0 International", the right, without time limit, to reproduce, distribute and communicate this creation to the public. The author's name must in all cases be indicated in a clear and transparent manner.

Other publications

The contents of our products are in most cases protected by copyright. If you wish to reproduce illustrations, tables or parts of our books in other works or to publish the entire content as a licensed edition, you require our written permission.

A reprint permission for illustrations / tables / passages from our books or a license can only be granted on the basis of a written request. Furthermore, the following conditions must be guaranteed:

  • The literature reference is correct and complete.
  • If necessary, a printing fee will be charged (information about this will be communicated to you after your request).
  •  The relevant pages will be sent to us for review and approval before the planned work is printed.
  • Sending of two or more specimen copies after publication/completion of your work

Non-commercial use means: not primarily aimed at a business advantage or monetary remuneration. The inclusion of publications in commercial products, the use of publications to promote commercial products or services, or any other use that directly or indirectly pursues commercial goals, requires the express prior permission of the publisher on the basis of a written agreement.



Please send us your request in written form. A precise indication of the publication from which you wish to reprint something, as well as detailed information about the intended use, will make it easier for us to process your request quickly.


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