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As a publisher of the FMH and a service provider for medical societies, we fulfill our journalistic mandate on the basis of three pillars: professional and health policy; continuing medical education and training; and research and science.


EMH's medical journals cover the entire range of medical specialties. Their strong roots in medical societies and umbrella organisations, of which they are the official organs, also make them the leading media company in the Swiss health care system.


The "official voice" of Swiss doctors: a pinch of journalism in the expert discussion


The official journal of the FMH Swiss Medical Association and FMH Services is Switzerland's leading health policy journal.


Medicine in all its diversity: continuing education and training, practical and independent


The official journal on continuing education of the FMH Swiss Medical Association and the SSGIM Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine is the most widely read medical training journal in Switzerland.


Exciting research: highly topical review articles and original research papers


This traditional international scientific journal is today an online journal with "Platinum Open Access".


The official journal of Swiss general physicians in general practice and hospitals


Official announcements of the sponsoring companies, training, continuous education and reflections on the job description.


The entire spectrum of cardiovascular medicine


The official journal of the Swiss Society of Cardiology, the Swiss Society for Angiology, the Swiss Society of Hypertension, and the Swiss Paediatric Cardiology Society.


Psychiatry, psychotherapy and neurosciences


The entire scope of a multi-faceted field: SANP's profile is characterised by the diversity of its methods and content.


The newspaper of the doctors of the canton of Basel Land and Basel


In the human body, synapses are the switching points between nerve cells. This is exactly what "Synapse" wants - to transfer information, establish connections and have a modulating effect.


First-hand evidence-based medical informatics


The journal of the SSMI Swiss Society of Medical Informatics is the leading journal for medicine and bioinformatics in Switzerland.



Specialist literature or detective stories, cartoons or artistic prints: we invite you to discover the various categories we offer.


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