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The Swiss Medical Publishers EMH is a leading provider of medical publications in Switzerland.

EMH is a joint undertaking of the Swiss Medical Association (FMH) and Officina Petri AG, the oldest printing and publishing house in the world, founded in 1488.

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The EMH publishing house was founded in 1997, with the aim to provide an independent medical publishing platform in Switzerland delivering relevant information for professionals. EMH stands for high-quality, well-prepared information and health policy discussions with a constant awareness of current affairs.


Publications with a constant awareness of current affairs

Our journals are conceived by doctors for doctors.

Editorial teams composed of renowned medical experts, peer review by outside experts and work-up of articles by our specialist medical copy editors ensure high quality for our publications.

The publisher of the Swiss Medical Association


The key publications Swiss Medical Journal, Swiss Medical Forum and Swiss Medical Weekly cover the central areas of professional and health policy, education and training, as well as science and research. A number of other publications are grouped around these three, which are the official organs of important medical societies and meet their professional and political communication needs.


With its editorially independent print and online products and a wide range of services, the publishing house is a reliable partner of its majority shareholder the FMH, the specialist associations and doctors in Switzerland.



The rapidly growing importance of electronic media was recognised early on by those responsible for the Swiss Medical Journal.


The online versions of our journals are much more than simple reproductions of the printed products. They offer a variety of additional possibilities, including video interviews and films, sophisticated archive searches and interactive tools such as online commentary functions.


Journal publishing entails large-scale costs in terms of editing and production work. The higher the quality standards, the greater the ensuing expenses. Just as in daily and consumer press, specialized journals draw an indispensable portion of their financing from the sales of advertising space. Serious magazines, however, are not published for the sake of earning advertising revenue, but sell advertising for the sake of


This principle steers all activities at Swiss Medical Publishers EMH. Our editing and marketing teams are strictly divided up, fully preventing the content of our magazines from becoming mired in business-related interests.


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