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As the FMH’s publishing house and a service provider for medical societies, we fulfill our publishing mission by relying upon the three pillars of vocational and health policy, postgraduate and continuous education for doctors, as well as science and research.

EMH’s medical journals cover the full range of specialist areas you deal with. Its strong foundation in the medical societies and umbrella organizations which they officially represent grants EMH journals a leading role as media sources in Swiss health care.

The “official voice” of Swiss doctors—a pinch of journalism in medical discussions.

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Medicine in all its diversity: Postgraduate and continuous education, practice-oriented, and independent.

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Swiss Medical Weekly

Thrilling research news: highly topical overview article and original works.

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Profession-relevant policy news and continuous education for general internal medicine in doctors’ offices and hospitals.

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State-of-the-art knowledge from across the spectrum of cardiovascular medicine.

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Psychiatry, psychotherapy, and neurosciences - the full breadth of a pluralistic specialist area.

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The mouthpiece of the Ärztegesellschaft Baselland (Medical Society of Basel-Landschaft) and of the Medizinische Gesellschaft Basel (Medical Society of Basel). 

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First-hand, evidence-based medical informatics.

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The newsletter for acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

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